Next4Fashion, Unlocking New Sustainable Pathways Conference

The event Next4Fashion, Unlocking New Pathways, is organised by the S4Fashion consortium with the support of the other 3 EU COSME projects, Circular Innoboooster, Fashion for Change and Small but Perfect. From 2021 to 2023, these initiatives have been driving sustainable practices in fashion, overseen by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) on behalf of the European Commission.

S4F Circular Fashion Business Toolkit

This toolkit is a learning resource to help small-to-medium-sized fashion brands to become more circular and sustainable by preparing experts to deliver workshops and training to educators, students, designers and companies in the transition process.

Dalia Sendra Rodriguez, MUB Collection

Dahlia Rodriguez crossed paths with Svetlana and Marta, all posseasing a sustainable mindset and similar philosophy. Together they launched Make Your Bed Project to develop MUB Collection.

Eni Jewellery by Eleni Koumara

Eleni is the jewellery designer of Eni Jewellery. Each collection is developed by her, and therefore expresses her distinctive and original style.

NAAM brand – proudly and ethically made in Moldova, by Bannaia E. and Golneva D.

Elena and Daria started their collaborative work on the NAAM brand last fall, desiring to create high-quality and sustainable products. Each item, whether it’s a knitted scarf, a sweater, or a linen suit, they produce by themselves in the Republic of Moldova, paying attention to every detail. Currently, they’re working on developing their brand identity and its recognition, wishing in near future to reach the foreign market as well.

S4Fashion Data Management Plan

The S4Fashion DMP describes the data that will be collected and generated throughout the project’s three-year lifecycle. 

S4Fashion Digital Environment

The S4Fashion Digital platform is used by the S4Fashion consortium to engage the sustainable and circular fashion industry, and to interact with the stakeholders involved in S4Fashion.