Dalia Sendra Rodriguez, MUB Collection

Dahlia Rodriguez crossed paths with Svetlana and Marta, all posseasing a sustainable mindset and similar philosophy. Together they launched Make Your Bed Project to develop MUB Collection.

Eni Jewellery by Eleni Koumara

Eleni is the jewellery designer of Eni Jewellery. Each collection is developed by her, and therefore expresses her distinctive and original style.

NAAM brand – proudly and ethically made in Moldova, by Bannaia E. and Golneva D.

Elena and Daria started their collaborative work on the NAAM brand last fall, desiring to create high-quality and sustainable products. Each item, whether it’s a knitted scarf, a sweater, or a linen suit, they produce by themselves in the Republic of Moldova, paying attention to every detail. Currently, they’re working on developing their brand identity and its recognition, wishing in near future to reach the foreign market as well.

Zero Waste Design, by Ecaterina V.

Ecaterina is trying to bring sustainable fashion in Moldova. She is an activist, fashion designer and embroidery artist. She believes that we can make fair fashion and always looks for ways to make a change.

A multiversal design studio, raising ethical processes and innovation

Zuzana Kralova KRALOVA Studio Alicante, Spain Zuzana is a constant creative thinker, believing in innovative and ethical processes applied in fashion industry, new materials and different focus in manufacturer process. The studio is highly involved in local production, finding the sustainability as a complete system, starting with eco-design, spreading the vision until the energy used […]

Building a disruptive supply chain

Aniela Hoitink is an autodidact on the implantation of technology and microbiology into textiles. Currently her focus is on MycoTEX, a ground breaking automated seamless manufacturing method allowing for custom-made products made from compostable mushroom roots.

New Business Models drive acceleration in Sustainable Fashion

Maria Vytinidou, Chemist – Conscious Fashion Designer – Fashion Entrepreneur, distinguished by Vogue Italia and Premiere Vision Paris for her entrepreneurship, creates Innovative Wearable Technology Garments and Ready-to-wear Eco Luxury Womenswear Collections with the label “Μaria Vytinidou Eco Luxury Design Brand”.

Sustainable Textile Design Studio-Boutique BALTABALTA

We are textile desigers – Ieva, Laura and Austė. We are all graduates of Vilnius Academy of
Arts. We all had different creative experiences, but we were united by one idea. We are pursuing a slow fashion strategy that generates high quality and designer products that one would not want to discard, but rather pass on from generation to generation. The artist’s touch makes a unique product.

The origin of innovative, disruptive, conscious footwear & products, by nat-2™

Sebastian Thies, CEO K&T GmbH, www.nat-2.eu Munich, Germany Sebastian, 6th generation footwear professional since 1856, is the Founder x Designer of high-end sneaker brand nat-2™. Sustainability is key since more than 165 years in the family tradition. He is also the owner of established home brand thies ®. With his various own projects and work […]

Chasing the Long Tail of the Dragon

STPLN is a hybrid creative hub composed of different workshops and multifunctional rooms, from wood and metal workshops, a fablab, a foodlab, a textile and screenprinting department, a darkroom and more. Joshua Ng is a senior project leader of STPLN, speaks about major challenges and opportunities he has faced along with his coworkers.